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High 5 Motorable Mountain Passes In The Indian Himalaya

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In 1936, Lufthansa started a collection of endurance trials, culminating on 10-eleven September when Zephir, flown by Flugkapit鋘 Blankenburg with Lufthansa Director Freiherr von Gablenz as passenger, was launched by catapult from the seaplane tender Schwabenland at Horta, Azores, flying the 4,460 km (2,270 mi) to New York in 22 hours 12 minutes. Additionally on 11 September, Aeolus flew from Horta to Hamilton, Bermuda in 18 hours quarter-hour, continuing to New York the next day. For the principle leg of the North Atlantic the aircraft needed the assistance of the catapult on Schwabenland. On 22 September Aeolus returned to Horta in 17:50 h (3850 km). Zephir was catapulted on 28 September at Hamilton. The second Flights to New York adopted on 5-6 and 6-7 October and the returnflights this time 17 and 18 October from Sydney, Nova Scotia. The flying boats didn't wait for his or her tender and went on to Lisbon and Travem黱de.