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Louis Vuitton and the Economic Crisis

For males and females alike, wearing Louis Vuitton handbags show the world you have clout and style. Established in 1854, the Louis Vuitton name is one of the oldest and biggest in the industry. They've done everything, from inventing the world's first flat-bottomed suitcase, to manufacturing the most iconic monogrammed fabric in the market. They continue, despite the most severe recession of the past 60 years, to flourish and draw the right crowd. Marketing can certainly be said to play a factor in their success, with middle class heroes such as Buzz Aldren and Sean Connery advertising LV bags in the past few seasons. Marc Jacobs has also made a huge impact drawing in the company's younger crowd as he executes his role as Louis Vuitton's fashion director with grace. It looks like Louis Vuitton handbags are here to stay.

Not less important in contributing to L V bags is their unparalleled level of craftsmanship. They are second to none when it comes to original and durable fabrics, holding one patent for their Damier waterproof canvas and another for their iconic monogram print - both for over a century! The stitching on LV bags is unsurpassed, and they sometimes playfully highlight this fact by using extra thick thread and contrasting colors to the bag to make it stand out. All hardware details are scrutinously picked out and placed, from the shade of gold used to the shape of the charm. Which brings us back to Marc Jacob's role in the process. This power house of a designer has not only added prêt a porte style to the handbags of Louis Vuitton, but a keen level of professionalism. All this attention to detail makes LV handbags pretty costly for the working middle class, especially in these tough times. Louis Vuitton bags are a head above their competitors in a myriad of ways, making them a desired possession of all.

One answer to the economic crisis is to purchase a LV replica! A high quality, detail oriented LV replica handbag won't be disappointing. Handbag reproduction has become an exact science. Despite the best efforts of Vuitton himself and subsequently his son to make various patents on their fabric and designs, replicating them has become easy thanks to advances in technology and the falling costs of textiles. Wherein the past, "substitute" materials were used such as plastic, premium leathers can now be found at minimal cost to the manufacturer.

Better dyes, metals, and other materials have been upgraded, and of course, the promotional tool called the worldwide web has made demand skyrocket, thus further lowering production costs. No longer does one have to be in NYC or Hong Kong to purchase a Louis Vuitton replica - only to be dissatisfied with the cheap workmanship, misplaced logos, chipping gold-plated tags, and fall-apart seams. Today's replica LV handbags are precise copies, literally reproduction of the original. They come with all the documentation that a genuine LV bag would come with. These carbon copies are perfect for all of us living in this global village with our high awareness of fashion, but still being in the midst of an economic crisis. With a Louis Vuitton replica handbag every one of us can afford to take part in fashion!