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The Right Designer Sunglasses For Different Face Shapes

To compete with the demand of modern fashion aficionados all across the world, many fashion houses and companies have bought into the market a variety of sunglasses. Most of the people buy shades as they want to imitate their favorite celebrity and thus prefer buying celebrity sunglasses.

But there is one thing they fail to understand. A designer sunglass should not be bought because it was worn by some celebrity. It should be made sure that the design actually suits your face. The right pair on your nose can either completely make or break that first impression you make.

A beautiful pair of shades which suits the dimensions of your face will definitely make you look attractive and fashionable. There are many celebrities who prefer wearing sports sunglasses from popular brands like Adidas and Bolle which are large and light while still others go for the small and sleek variety of shades. But mostly a vast majority of customers follow the herd mentality and run after the latest trends as glamorized in fashion magazines and television shows. This is the easiest option there is and thus conformed to by so many.

People forget that a pair of shades is an accessory, an external projection of your inner self. Thus being a little conscious of the fact that it can change the way you look, the decision should be taken seriously. The kind of face defines the need for a certain design of shades.

A� Individuals with round faces should go for thick framed sunglasses and dark lenses. Doing this will make the wearer's face much smaller and sleek. The choice of colors of frames can also affect the look of the person.

A� If the wearer has a small narrow face then the person should go for wearing small sized frames and light colors which would give a very masculine look to the person. These shades are meant for those with athletic builds and muscular bodies. There is also an option of buying a frameless pair of shades thus removing the complicated decision of choosing a color and design for the frame.

A� A person having a long face should think about choosing Designer sunglasses with wide lenses. Thick frames fit in marvelously with the glares giving the face balance. Bright colors also help improve the over all look of the individual.

A� There are people who have a small forehead but a rather wide chin. Such customers should go for oversized sunglasses. The horizontal length of the given pair of glares should be as wide as you can get. These shades can actually help in adjusting the proportion of the face which will further enhance the overall appearance of a person.

Sunglasses are an accessory, a visual projection of how one wants to look and be looked at. A pair of shades furthers the goal of an individual to achieve the aesthetic perfection they strive for in their lives. So just go online and search websites of a few famous sunglasses brands and that perfect pair of glares might just be in your reach. Cheap, expensive, stylish, exquisite etc every personal taste and preferences of the customer can be fulfilled with just a little research and patience.