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Tips for Indoor Portrait Photography

1. Camera settings

It is commonly recommended to use the high sensitivity and large aperture in indoor portrait photography. At the beginning, your camera should be set to keep the noise while the ISO as high as possible with an acceptable range. Of course, these settings are associated with each other, and play a role in the exposure.

Fortunately, most modern digital SLR camera offers a good performance of high sensitivity, so most of the indoor lighting and low light are not a problem. Even if your camera has generated a lot of noise in high sensitivities, this is not a serious problem. You can keep these noises, or alleviate them in post-processing. Actually, many photographers will even add artificial noise to simulate film effect. A simple suggestion is that: do not worry about the noise unless it affects your creative intent.

Another element to shoot beautiful portraits in low light is large aperture lens. The large aperture means the maximum aperture at least f/2.8. The larger the aperture, the more light will through the lens. It not only lets you have more choices in ISO, but also can increase the shutter speed. The large aperture lens can create a shallow depth of field effect, which is very useful in portrait photography.

Besides, the shutter speed is an important factor to consider, not only because it will affect the amount of exposure, but also because the slow shutter will cause potential ambiguity. However, sometimes you may find that some blurry photos look more artistic.

2. Use of the light Natural light

Yeah, the windows may be the most beautiful light source you can find. It is like a large soft light box, which can also produce a variety of effects through different curtains. Simply let the model near a window, and let the light create a dramatic effect.

The sunlight through the windows are generally belongs to the scattered light. It features: lighting area is large, soft and uniform. It not only shows rich in depth and texture, but also better performance of three-dimensional, which should be the ideal choice for shooting indoor portraits.

Indoor lighting

You can create a great effect by using the indoor lamps. We can take off the lampshade, and use only the light bulbs. You can try to place the main light some higher than the head in the front of the model to illuminate the half position. It can produce the classic light effect, and the second lamp can be placed in the rear of the model as backlight.

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