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What Is A Cash Cube?

Having you been hearing all the buzz about Cash Cube money machines and wondering what it?s all about? We have some answers for you to see if utilizing this marketing technique is the right choice for you.

A Great Way to Bring Focus to Your Business

You would be hard pressed to find the person that isn?t willing to have a go at winning money. A Cash Cube can bring attention to your business or products in a way that typical marketing and advertising methods cannot. Not only will it draw people to participate in trying to win a little cash, but it will draw onlookers as well. Watching someone trying to catch the whirling dollars is as much fun as playing.

How much Money should I Give Away

You can fill your Cash Cube Money Machine with only dollar bills, a mix of dollars along with tens and twenties, and you can even add a couple of hundred dollar bills to make the game more exciting, therefore bringing more traffic and attention to your business or product. It is entirely up to your discretion as to how much money you are willing to give away.

Buy or Rent?

Most businesses rent a Cash Cube money machine for corporate events and trade shows. It is a fairly inexpensive rental and the rewards it can potentially bring are great. If your business frequents radio station marketing events, fundraisers and trade shows, it may be in your best financial interest to purchase one of these marvelous money making machines for your company.

Types and Styles

You can choose from a wide variety of Cash Cube money making machines such as ones that inflate, money machines that are hard shelled or more budget minded money machines for those on a tighter advertising budget. You can choose from various features such as LED lighting displaying your company name and logo for instant customer recognition. You owe to your business to rent one of the many models of money machines to bring attention and focus to your goods and services.